"Leigh has been walking our Jack Russell terrier, Molly, for a year and she is absolutely delightful. Molly took to her immediately, which was quite a surprise because this has never happened before. Our dog, although friendly with people and dogs she knows well, needs to be walked alone and Leigh is prepared to do this."

"She is a true dog lover and this is why Molly trusted her immediately, as did we. Just the mention of her name now has Molly pricking her ears in anticipation. We have found Leigh completely trustworthy. She is always punctual and professional and walks Molly in a variety of venues for the full hour and sometimes longer is she has the time."

"We cannot recommend her more highly and would be happy to be contacted."

"Happy Tails have been walking our dogs for two years and we cannot praise their service enough. Knowing that the dogs are in safe hands, enjoying fresh air and long walks while we are at work has given us great peace of mind. We can rely on them even at very short notice to ensure that we come home to tired, happy, healthy dogs. We would highly recommend them."
Andy and Alison Crabb, Crowborough

"We work full time and Leigh has made this possible - Leigh has walked our Golden Retriever Molly, for a year now and we just love what Leigh does for Molly. It’s more than just dog walking service, Leigh really cares!"

"She has included Molly on family trips to the beech, buys and leaves Molly treats for the evening when we get back from work, she has been happy to help out over the weekend when we have had commitments, she takes impeccable care with Molly."

"Leigh’s total devotion to her own dogs and Molly is to be respected, Leigh offers a wonderful service, she is very knowledgeable, totally trustworthy, accommodating, and reliable. She keeps in touch with us as needed with information and worries regarding Molly, so we are always confident that she is in the best hands possible."

"We would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Leigh’s dog walking services to anyone."
Nick and Sue Crabb – With Molly a 3 year old Golden Retriever

Happy Tails is a terrific service, Leigh Smith the owner is extremely professional and devoted to all the dogs she walks. She loves what she does. Many times I have found that Happy Tails could walk my dog at short notice. Her service is truly valuable.
Amanda Locke, Crowborough - Toby my Greyhound