About Us

We first opened for business in 2009 and have been serving Crowborough, and the following areas ever since:

  • Rothfield

We provide a dedicated and caring dog walking service, ranging from young puppies through to elderly dogs, and everything in between.

Dogs require physical exercise and mental stimulation on a regular basis.  If they do not get this it causes feeling of boredom and isolation and can lead to a number of behavioural and undesirable problems such as barking, chewing, obesity, joint problems, digging and depression. 


The National Office of Animal Health has stated daily exercise is essential to keep dogs healthy, as well as mentally and physically stimulated.  If walking on a daily basis, we will try to vary the walks to keep your dogs stimulated.


Happy Tails offers a flexible daily or occasional dog walking service usually over the lunchtime period, but if you happen to do shift work with unusual hours we can adapt to meet your needs. 


Before starting to walk your dog, we like to meet you both at your home and carry out a full consultation to get a good understanding of your needs and any special instructions and details about your pet.  This is free of charge.